The road to success has many turns..

What started as an idea to revolutionize the concession trailer industry turned into Tiny Solar Structures.

It was a good first.  After 11 months of designing and building a luxury solar powered concession trailer we learned some harsh realities; the market for a $90,000 concession trailer is very,  very small.  In fact, there was another revelation.   It't called profit per man hour.  When we were done, the profit per man hour was less than $1.  We only made one.

However, the original company name Tiny Solar Structures was in reality the direction we needed to go.  The manufacturing of tiny solar structures.


After selling his tech company in 2019, William Albaugh along with two of his sons, Brandon & Taylor sat down and started to design six different products; all of which would be non permanent structures and all of which would be 100% powered by solar.  Specifically, high quality, architecturally appealing structures that would greatly add to the value of anyone's back yard.  Those original six products are:

1. Solar Powered Back Yard Bar

2. Solar Powered Back Yard Office Studio

3. Solar Powered Back Yard Garden & Pool House

4. Solar Powered Back Yard Gym

5. Solar Powered Back Yard Play House

 6.Solar Powered Utility Shed

With these six products, Tiny Solar Structures was r-born.

So far the first two products have been wildly successful.  The Back Yard Bar and the Back Yard Office Studio have both been major successes.  So much so that it may be a year or more before the next product is developed. Sales have reached as far west as Denver CO and as far east as New Jersey and as far south as Florida & Texes.

Given that the nation is moving more and more towards a permanent work from home workforce, the projection for the Back Yard Office Studio has exceeded everyones expectations.

It is our sincere wish, that you can always expect excellence and fanatical customer service with Tiny Solar Structures.  It is our goal to create a quality product that will enhance the lives of our customers for years to come.